Visualizing VT

Visual Testing (VT), the most common nondestructive testing technique. Offering broad potential for many applications while requiring minimal tools, VT is low in cost and easy to apply, often eliminating the need for further types of testing. It is frequently the first step in the inspection process.

Similar to an examination by a physician, visual inspection of the subject is always the first line of defense in determining which further tests are needed to diagnose the problem. Industries that rely heavily on the use an initial VT inspection include structural steel, automotive, petrochemical, power generation, and aerospace.

Although VT is limited to surface-only material examinations, it is often excellent at detecting damaging defects. Remote imaging systems require manual interpretation by technicians. And not even the best technology in the world can replace human interpretation and judgment. At the end of the day, it always comes back to what the technician can see. 

Our VT courses provide you with the knowledge necessary to add this valuable skill set to your toolkit. You can also check out this video with one of our founders, Chuck Hellier, talking about VT.