Credit for Time

The recommended training hours as contained in SNT-TC-1A can be fulfilled by completing the following:

  • All time spent taking the course after login will be tracked and records maintained of the online activity. The system is structured to ensure students must view all content.
  • The completion of the recommended reading assignments and other self-study materials related to the course subject should be documented by the student. If applicable, the instructor for each specific company should ascertain the validity of the reading and self-study materials and approve the documented time spent. If the student is not employed during the time the course is taken, the documentation should be maintained for presentation to the prospective employer’s instructor for acceptance.

  • The time spent in the “hands-on” sessions (see below) should be documented and confirmed by the administrator of the training segment.

  • The sum of the times spent completing the online training, self-study, and “hands-on” should be sufficient to satisfy the training recommendations of SNT-TC-1A and CP-189. Where other certification schemes are being followed, the instructor or employer should determine how much credit can be claimed through completion of the three training segments.