Eddy Current - Level II

Detailed Description

The course and training manual are provided with graphics from multiple sources, with demonstrations using test systems provided by several manufacturers. This course is based on the body of knowledge as defined in ANSI / ASNT CP-105. The training provides detailed information and guidance on how to perform a wide range of inspection applications.  Other key applications include:

  • Near surface cracking of non-ferritic alloys
  • Conductivity measurement
  • Second-layer corrosion
  • Near surface flaw detection in ferritic welds- near surface cracking in ferritic alloys
  • Bolt hole testing
  • Cracks under fasteners / ring probe
  • Cracks under fasteners / sliding probe
  • Near surface cracking in ferritic alloys

This course meets the recommendations for training as described in SNT-TC-1A.

NOTE: There is a course-specific manual provided at the beginning of the course. The use of this manual in addition to self-study is strongly encouraged and will add to the overall training benefit and time to be credited. It will also better prepare the student for the practical lab/“hands-on” session. It is recommended that the student keep a log of their self-study time. It is also recommended that the applicable Level III be involved and confirm that the reading and self-study assignments have been completed. This should become a part of the student’s training records, which may be used in conjunction with subsequent certifications.

Course Price: $1045.00