Eddy Current - Level II

Detailed Description

This course picks up with Level I leaves off, providing additional reinforcement and expansion on the basic principles and fundamentals of eddy current testing that were covered in the Level I course. Application examples shown are specific to the aerospace and general surface scanning markets. 

The Eddy Current Inspection Level II course is intended as an initial or refresher training course for individuals pursuing eddy current certification, and for anyone interested in understanding the basic principles and applications of eddy current testing. 

The course addresses required training topics for Level II Eddy Current technicians. Manuals prepared by the Instructor are provided with course registration that address a wide range of topics as defined in ASNT SNT-TC-1A, ANSI CP-105, and other nationally recognized procedures and guidelines for NDT personnel qualification and certification. 

Documentation of the completion of this training course and the associated examinations can assist employers in their in-house certification of NDT personnel. 

The training manual is divided into 7 sections:

1.     Materials Processing 

2.     Principles of Eddy Current Testing 

3.     Test Coil Arrangements 

4.     Test Coil Design 

5.     Effects of Test Object on Coil 

6.     Instrument Systems 

7.     Applications 

a.     Near surface crack detection in nonferritic alloys

b.     Conductivity measurement

c.     Second Layer Corrosion

d.     Near surface crack detection in ferritic alloys

e.     Near surface crack detection in ferritic welds

f.      Bolt hole scanning 

g.     Cracks under fasteners (CUF)

This Training:

·      Is required for individuals seeking certification as an eddy current technician

·      Can be used to satisfy training requirements for eddy current personnel established by the ASNT, ASME, FAA, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, etc.

·      Includes lesson summaries and glossaries designed to help students study and pass eddy current qualification exams

·      Includes a training certificate issued upon successful completion of the course

The course is taught by James Cox (http://jecndt.com). James is certified Level III in ET by ASNT, with 40+ years of experience in the field. 

Note: Three versions of the Level II manuals are in print. One is generic in nature, while the other two focus on equipment and technology supplied by either Olympus or GE. If you are using equipment from a specific vendor, please order the manual that best fits your technology. 

Course Price: $1045.00