Frequently Asked Questions

What is NDT Classroom?

NDT Classroom is a completely video-based online training school for nondestructive testing courses. All our courses can effectively replace classroom-based theory training.

How is this different from other online NDT training?

Because this training is entirely video based and includes instructor-performed demonstrations of testing methodologies, it provides a true classroom experience and well-rounded explanation of the materials. This, used in conjunction with hands-on training, can reduce worker downtime usually associated with taking training courses and greatly increases the ability to train more employees in more methods.

Also, the modular design of courses allows companies to customize training.

What are the main advantages of NDT Classroom?

  • Eliminate travel costs
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Interactive video-based quizzes and opportunities to apply theories
  • Courses are designed to 'remember' where you were in the course when you logged out, ensuring that each time you log in, you start exactly where you left off previously
  • Students can take the course on both computers and mobile devices, reducing time spent in the classroom
  • ROI is immediate - individuals can do classroom training from anywhere they have an internet connection
  • Availability of large online video library of techniques and methods as refreshers for students who complete courses

How can companies use NDT Classroom?

  • Companies can purchase courses for employees individually and in bulk, and monitor progress.      
  • Companies can purchase classroom training for employees to decide whether or not a significant investment in hands-on time is warranted.
  • Course can be built into a company-specific LMS (Learning Management System) for tracking completion and amount of training time

Can NDT Classroom’s online training program be installed in an independent Learning Management System (LMS)?

Yes! Our video-based training can be placed in an existing LMS. We can also deliver the courses in their own LMS. Both delivery methods are SCORM compliant and will produce real-time data for the number of learners, time performed by each learner, individual quiz scores, etc.

How will the course guarantee that the learner has put in the required time?

All courses are built in a locked format that will allow the student to pause and review material but not skip ahead or fast-forward video or testing content. In addition, the videos do not display a timeline, so the learner must attend each section in its entirety. A typical course is broken into 5-to 10-minute segments that may be followed by a quiz to assess the learner's level of understanding of the material covered up to that point. If the student does not respond to any questions requiring responses, the course will not progress and the student will not be able to receive credit for that section. The student can only proceed with the course once they've responded to (and correctly answered) the content in the quizzes.

Each quiz contains randomized questions that must be answered to achieve the designated passing score. If the learner fails the quiz, he or she can view the questions they answered incorrectly. They will then watch the previous section again in its entirety and retake the quiz. The questions will be different but related to the previous quiz, thereby guaranteeing retention of the material.

All NDT Classroom courses, when passed, generate a certificate of satisfactory completion.

What is the advantage to having NDT Classroom produce your custom NDT training courses?

NDT Classroom has made the ability to create custom NDT training courses available for several reasons. Many existing courses allow the learner to skip around the course and cannot guarantee the student is viewing content in its entirety or for the required amount of time. Even if they track the amount of time a student is in a course, they cannot track how much they have viewed. For example, a student may appear on a database as having completed 16 hours of training, but they may have only viewed the same section 20 times.

Companies want the ability to add specific content and procedures to these courses to integrate them with their existing training. Adding specific content to these NDT courses allows companies to greatly reduce or eliminate classroom time and focus on practical training.

NDT is an industry that greatly benefits from showing how procedures are performed.

However, typical online courses are mostly PowerPoint-based with small video clips to support them. They don’t offer the full picture. NDT Classroom does. We have developed a method of delivering high-quality video content at a large-screen size with low bandwidth demands. The face-to-face contact with the instructor is a much more effective way to learn. In addition, we can simultaneously show the instructor and supporting graphics. The key is to teach the student in a 1-on-1 environment.

We also have the input, guidance, and expertise of a full-time expert who is a Ph.D. in instructional communications and experience. He has produced hundreds of training programs from concept to completion and is assisting us in developing the most effective training methodology.