Radiographic Testing - Level I 

Detailed Description

There are many variables to be controlled in order to produce a high-quality image. RT is one of the major volumetric methods with Ultrasonic Testing being the other. Subjects also include the development of RT techniques for a wide range of applications, handling and processing radiographic film, and the safe use of RT equipment.

Safety is of paramount concern when dealing with radiation sources and the means of monitoring and minimizing exposure is essential. Both X-ray and Gamma Ray sources are discussed along with technique development guidance.

NDT Classroom's Radiography Testing I training is a completely video-based online course taught by Gary Larson that covers:

  • Principles of radiation
  • Radiographic Testing theory
  • How to perform RT examinations
  • Techniques used to perform RT
  • Procedures used to perform RT
  • Requirements of RT
  • How to interpret and evaluate test result

Common applications as well as the need to maintain complete records are also presented.

This course meets the recommendations for training as described in SNT-TC-1A. 

NOTE: There is RECOMMENDED READING assigned at the beginning of the course. The completion of these assignments in addition to self-study is strongly encouraged and will add to the overall training benefit and time to be credited. It will also better prepare the student for the practical lab/“hands-on” session. It is recommended that the student keep a log of the self-study time. It is also recommended that the applicable Level III be involved and confirm that the reading and self-study assignments have been completed. This should become a part of the student’s training records, which may be used in conjunction with subsequent certifications.

Course Price: $725.00