Ultrasonic Testing - Level I 

Detailed Description

This course specifically addresses the variables related to the propagation, reflection, and attenuation of sound as well as the responses from discontinuities. The various wave modes are presented in a comprehensive way so that the major wave modes are fully understood. These wave modes include compressional (longitudinal or straight beam), shear (transverse), surface (Rayleigh), and thin sheet (Lamb).

The course will demonstrate the use of UT equipment and transducers, enabling students to understand the display and how to calibrate the UT instrument, and to identify the location of reflectors and discontinuities in various test specimens.

Because UT is also used for precise thickness measurements and the basic procedure for this is also covered, a number of techniques and applications will also be presented, including discussions on the data required for precise reporting.

This course meets the recommendations for training as described in SNT-TC-1A.

NOTE: There is RECOMMENDED READING assigned at the beginning of the course. The completion of these reading assignments in addition to self-study is strongly encouraged and will add to the overall training benefit and time to be credited. It will also better prepare the student for the practical lab/“hands-on” session. We recommended that the student keep a log of self-study time, that the applicable Level III be involved and confirm that the reading and self-study assignments have been completed, and that both logs and confirmations become part of the student’s training records, which may be used in conjunction with subsequent certifications.

Course Price: $835.00