Marty Anderson

George L. Pherigo Tutorial Citation

ASNT 2010 winner Martin T. Anderson

Anderson graduated from the University of Alaska, with a certificate in welding technology and is nearing his AA. Anderson is the owner of Alaska Technical, a nondestructive training center in Soldotna, Alaska, where he has worked for the past four years. Since 2003, Anderson has been on the Kenai Peninsula School Board ( AASB’s Alaska School board of the year in 2011, and a national award for vocational training from NSBA in 2009), and he is part of the Alaska Workforce Investment Board, appointed by the Governor since 2009. Anderson is also active in the Alaska Section of ASNT. Anderson is currently presiding as Section chair for the second year, but has also served as Section vice chair and secretary in past years. In addition, Anderson is the current chairman for Magnetic Flux Leakage Committee for both the Technical and Education Council (T&E) and the Certification Management Council (CMC). Marty has also been the Vice Chair for Visual Testing on the CMC and is a current certified proctor for ASNT to give IRRSP and ASNT Level III examines.

With twenty eight years of inspection and welding experience, Marty holds an IRRSP certification (radiation safety), six ASNT NDT level III Certifications (RT, UT, VT, MT, PT, and ML) as well as a Level III in coating inspection with National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) and Senior Corrosion Technologist rating. Marty is also certified as a Welding Educator, Senior Welding Inspector, and Radiographic Film Interpreter with the American Welding Society (AWS). With the American Petroleum Institute (API), Marty holds certifications 570 (in-service piping inspector) and 653 (above ground storage tank inspector).

Marty has taught in forty-seven states and seven countries on four continents over the last ten years. Industries he has taught in include, Marine, Aviation, Petrochemical, Pipeline, Power generation, structural and highway/bridges.

Other certifications/qualifications previously held include Eddy Current Level II, Leak Testing Level II, Receipt/Vendor Inspector, and Quality Auditor.