Phased Array Testing

Intro to Phased Array (PAUT)

The NDT Classroom Phased Array 101 course provides an overview of phased array technology as applied in the examination of welds, with a focus on pressure retaining welds to ASME requirements. The course offers an overview of the process and key variables involved in phased array, and is intended for technical staff needing to understand the fundamentals and terminology of the technology. 


Course Price: $525.00

ASME Code PAUT Qualification Process

Qualification Process to ASME Code

The NDT Classroom Phased Array 102 Qualification Process to ASME Code course looks at advanced ultrasonic processes – phased array and time-of-flight-diffraction – from the perspective of process quality assurance and third-party oversight as addressed in the ASME Codes for pressure vessels and piping. 


Course Price: $525.00

Phased Array Intro and ASME (Bundle)

A combined training course package including both Introduction to Phased Array (PAUT) and ASME Code PAUT Qualification Process. 

Course Price: $835.00

Phased Array 80-Hour Level II

80-Hour Course

ASNT and ISO Standards topical outlines are the basis for our online Level II Phased-Array Level II training course. A system of timers ensures that the students spend at least 80 hours training. The students have 60 days to complete the training.


Course Price: $1295.00