"With the ever increasing fast pace of managing family, work and school, NDT Classroom allows the student more flexibility in managing family, work and attending school to learn simultaneously.  

From my experience, interaction with the online learning keeps student more engaged with the learning process. NDT Classroom gives students and instructors flexibility in learning and studying technical career field information.  As you know, traditional teaching ties the student and teacher to a classroom and a chalkboard. NDT Classroom allows the teacher flexibility in tending to each students different pace of learning.  Students that grasp the information through videos and online text can work at their own pace and the students that may need deeper instruction and maybe hands on learning have that available, thanks to NDT Classroom." 

Doug Evans, Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Instructor - Clover Park Technical College


"We have used NDT Classroom on a number of occasions as we have found it to be efficient, reliable and cost effective.

The cost savings involved with travel expenses incorporated into classroom based training is undeniable.

The technicians we have put through the training have found the site to have simple navigation with comprehensive modules and easy to follow instruction methodology."

Mark Bagnell, President - EMI Integrity Services, Inc.


"I've tried a couple of other online classes and I think NDT classroom is far superior." 

A recent student from a major U.S. inspection service company

"The Radiation Safety course was awesome!"

A recent student from a major aerospace company

"When the staff of Arc-Tech Inspections began looking at ways to get our NDT classroom hours and a good education to enhance our resumes and services to our customers, we did a lot of research into classes online with guidance from our Company Level III.  After looking at many free and for-a-charge programs, the courses, format, presentation, and professionalism of NDT Classroom really stood out to us as something we could truly benefit from."

I personally took the VT course to see just how I felt their program would really produce.  It was fabulous.  We then had all three techs take the MT course and upon going to our Level III for final class hours and hands on we found we were way ahead of the curve compared to others in the class.  NDT Classroom prepared us better than we expected for finishing off our Certification process. 

Since then, I have also taken the UT I and am currently taking the UT II classes.  All of their classes are beyond the norm for quality, content, and ease of use.  Their office personnel made setting up with the connections very easy even for this computer-challenged senior citizen inspector.  You won’t be disappointed in this program." 

Brent Boling, Owner - Arc-Tech Welding Inspections

General Fabrication with Certified Welding. 
AWS/Certified Welding & Bolting Inspections; ASNT ACCP VT Level II.
ICC Special Inspector for Welding and Bolting.
NDT: Level II MT and VT.

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