Ultrasonic Testing

Level I

The Ultrasonic Testing (UT) Level I course includes a basic introduction to the theory and principles of ultrasound including frequency, velocity, and wavelength. This course is essential for those desiring to enter and specialize in UT. It is also beneficial for those who will not be practitioners but who want to understand the basic principles and applications of Ultrasonic Testing.    


Course Price: $835.00

Level II

Ultrasonic Testing (UT) Level II is an extension of UT Level I and delves into the theory and principles to a much greater depth. Taught by industry expert Tim MacInnis, this is an essential course for those practitioners who will be pursuing a career in Ultrasonic Testing and for those striving for certification as a Level II.


Course Price: $945.00


NDT Classroom’s refresher courses are completely video-based online courses taught by industry-leading instructors. Each refresher course is designed for the learner to review the material at their own pace while completing section quizzes and a final exam. These courses are perfect to prepare for Level I/II recertification examinations or for earning credit towards Level III recertification.

Course Price: $625.00