As an educational institution, using online courses in your curriculum adds value


  • Broadens Instructors Scope - Enables instructors to spend more time on practical hands-on instruction, one-on-one discussion and in-depth Q&A with students vs. covering standard body of knowledge information.
  • Expands Content - Allows for the introduction of more detailed information and examples in class.
  • Expands Reach – Allows students to learn theory outside the classroom on their own time and at their own pace, resulting in greater opportunity for students to learn more and retain more. 
  • Up-to-Date Content – Ensures courses are covering the most current information on NDT methodologies and technologies from a highly reputable and experienced industry source.
  • Refresher Materials – Online courses can be used as refreshers for instructors as well, ensuring they are always current in the field of NDT.


  • Solves many human resource issues – Worry less about staff availability (such as from sickness, retirements, and scheduling conflicts).
  • Ensures consistent, top-quality content – No variations or issues with content, delivery, or style between instructors, and content is the most current information available.
  • Keeps school at the forefront of knowledge – Courses always include the most updated NDT body of knowledge, ensuring your school is fresh and current when it comes to teaching the latest and most effective NDT methods.
  • Potential to increase enrollment without increasing faculty – Attract a wider, more diverse student body with online training in trade-oriented programs including retirees, low-income/disadvantaged students, working students. Expand your student population by offering an online solution for those who cannot afford the time or expense of taking courses in a full-time classroom environment - all without the need to add more staff
  • Increased instructor time to help individual students – Staff has more time and attention to focus on and develop the one-on-one and hands-on aspects of teaching, and on-line courses can be fully integrated into current curriculum.
  • Flexible payment plans available – NDT Classroom will work with you to develop a customized plan that works seamlessly with your institution's existing budgeting and payment process and schedule.

"As you know, traditional teaching ties the student and teacher to a classroom and a chalkboard. 

NDT Classroom allows the teacher flexibility in tending to each students different pace of learning.  Students that grasp the information through videos and online text can work at their own pace and the students that may need deeper instruction and maybe hands on learning have that available, thanks to NDT Classroom." 

Doug Evans, Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Instructor - Clover Park Technical College