Ultrasonic Thickness Testing  

Detailed Description

This course concentrates on the compressional wave mode (sometimes referred to as longitudinal or “straight beam”) and provides a straight-forward way to apply this technique for precise thickness measurements. The course presents and demonstrates various transducers used and their advantages, including straight beam, delay line, and dual element (“pitch-catch”). Also included are variables such as surface conditions, coatings, configuration, couplant, and material grain structure, as well as a wide range of applications.

This lesson also demonstrates how to calibrate UT Thickness instruments including Digital and A-scan, how to take actual measurements, and how to collect/document results.

This course meets the recommendations for training as described in SNT-TC-1A.

NOTE: There is RECOMMENDED READING assigned at the beginning of the course. The completion of these assignments in addition to self-study is strongly encouraged and will add to the overall training benefit and time to be credited. It will also better prepare the student for the practical lab/“hands-on” session. It is recommended that the student keep a log of the self-study time. It is also recommended that the applicable Level III be involved and confirm that the reading and self-study assignments have been completed. This should become a part of the student’s training records, which may be used in conjunction with subsequent certifications.

Course Price: $725.00